Stainless Steel Washer Applications

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We all have heard about stainless steel washers which we ourselves used so many time in our lives.  A washer is a simple object, and it is easy to fit them without any thinking, also performs important function. A washer is often used in connection with a machine threaded fastener and nut to spread the weight of the fastener over a larger surface area. This is mostly used while tightening bolts, screws, or nuts.

The load which is spreaded by the washer might be beneath the bolt head, between the material surfaces, or under the connecting nut. This results to the washer which has a wide range of applications, and because it is made of stainless steel it is a very strong material that is ideal for making the connection sturdy and lasting, as it has a high corrosive resistance.

Applications of stainless steel washers and types of washers:

To reduce the wear and deformation Stainless Steel 310 Washers plays and important role as a fastener assembler as it has variety of applications. It also maintains activities considering as its easy because of their load bearing quality makes the component loosening or tightening trouble less. The stainless steel substance also makes them excellent for usage in the electronics, culinary, construction applications, as well as in chemical industries.

304 stainless steel Washers can be made in any form that is needed. These washers are usually made in the shape of a disc, with two diameters due to the inner hole and the outside circle. While disc-shaped washers are most commonly employed in many industries, other forms such as square, wave, split, and star-shaped washers are also utilized.

A plain flat washer stainless steel 304, is also called as a ring washer, is frequently used to disperse the weight of a screwed fastening.  When the hole is larger in diameter than the attaching nut, this stainless steel 304 flat washer can also be utilized in instances.

Plastic or metal that extend radially inward or outward are used to make 304 star washers. These plastic or metal are designed to cut into the bearing surface.  Aluminum or plastic materials, helps  the star washer perform better utilization  with a soft substrate. In fact, it works well as a lock washer since it can withstand rotation better than a normal 304 stainless washer placed on a hard surface.

Stainless steel 304 spring washers, also known as helical or locking washers, are utilized in situations where fastener loosening or fastening must be avoided due to vibrations.

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